Semaphore Mobile APPlying 10 Years of Expertise to Support Startups!


Dallas’ Startup community is celebrating itself this week as Dallas Startup Week 2018 begins.  For five days from early morn til the wee hours strike, founders and funders, hopefuls and hiring types will make their way from Uptown through Downtown and far up to Frisco with events dotted along the way.

Semaphore Mobile not at all a startup – the company celebrating 10 years and nearly 400 iPhone and close to 300 Android apps developed is proud to be a part of DSW ’18 and all connected!

From the time that Semaphore’s previously produced for private sector clients “productivity tools” became known as apps – with the launch of the Google Store and AppStore providing a market for the greater public to enjoy –  Semaphore’s founder and president Eric Silverthorn has remained present in all areas of the market.

Semaphore Mobile’s locally based team, with admin and project development management and developers local, is of great benefit.  “About 20 percent of our customers have come to us as a second resource, their first ‘across the pond,’” said Silverthorn.  “It very rarely is cheaper, faster, or better when outsourcing development projects and we’re proud to have our team here in the Dallas area, available when our clients need to reach us.”

Starting up is something Silverthorn knows much about – his career starting as a radio engineer then morphing into a satellite systems designer.  Traveling the globe, 100+ countries in a few short years, Silverthorn was a pioneer in that industry as well.

Still, connecting to Dallas’ Startup community has been about learning, teaching, and growing.  Meeting new faces, and learning about new product and resource, has made for new clientele – referrals – and relationships.  “Being out there and getting to know who are the up-and-comers, and seeing who we can help succeed is what it’s all about,” said Silverthorn.  “As an entrepreneur, you are always starting, growing, and building.  The day you think you are above those coming in – you’ll be on your way out.”

Taking the capabilities he once offered to clients around the world to be in touch with their teams, Silverthorn, who is a Houston native who has made North Texas his home since 1990, and Semaphore Mobile have made startups its sendup.

“We’ve worked with companies large and small and there’s almost no area we haven’t addressed,” said Silverthorn, noting that games are the only format not in his wheelhouse.  “From health to shopping, food plans to plumbing inventory and music programming – we’ve done it all and we’re always looking or the next great challenge.”

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“App”roaching a decade of success –

Semaphore Mobile’s team has been producing since before the Apple & Google stores launch!

“Sure we can make that happen!”

That was the beginning of Semaphore Mobile’s foray into the App world – actually the beginning of bringing what was, to what is – using format and forum of what Semaphore’s talent had been building productivity tools – really the first concept of applications, apps, for Blackberry, Nokia, and Palm, to the greater public as iPhone and Android expanded the space that commerce had been using for years.

“We got a call from a marketing company to help build the first Craigslist app and, because we were the team experienced in Objective C, we had a leg up on the requirements of the App Store before it opened,” said Eric Silverthorn, President of Dallas-area based Semaphore Mobile – the area’s longest standing development house – which posted 12 products to the 2008 opening of the App Store and which has since created close to 400 iPhone and nearly 300 Android operating system apps.  “Three weeks later it was up and running with the debut and in the next year we did nearly 15 projects in the healthcare, entertainment, food, review apps, and more.”

As brands embraced the concept of mobile, as a magical brand extension, marketing with Semaphore broadened the possibilities.

“We’ve gone from the intro of mobile apps for people’s phones – to their tablets and watches and the skies are almost limitless,” said Silverthorn.  “Formatting is what it’s all about and we’re able to build whatever the client’s focus is.  While phones and tablets can be coded universally, watches don’t need page builders and desktops and laptops don’t need GPS.”

The APPetite for apps continues to grow and Semaphore’s local development team continues to expand to meet the desire industries-wide.  “There’s a generation who has grown up APP-ful who can’t remember a time without being entertained or ordering up, at the stroke of a swipe,” said Silverthorn.  “We’re proud of the work we’ve done and excited about what’s to come.”

“Sure we can make that happen!,” – starting its tenth year, making it happen is still Semaphore’s answer, still Semaphore’s commitment.

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Why an APP? There is ALWAYS a Semaphore Mobile APP for that!

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Local is “APP”ealing. Why staying stateside is important!

20% of Semaphore’s clients say they are the answer;
second time around!

The tech world has long been subject to outsourcing – companies finding  resources around the world to fulfill opportunities for a seemingly lighter bottom line – seemingly that is – at least in the mobile application software arena, as the “you get what you pay for” adage rings true quite often.

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Putting the APPle cart before the horse! iPhone or Android which comes first?

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