H“APP”iness is it all coming together

Why a dedicated project manager is key…

You’re in! You’ve connected with the mobile app development company, you’ve set your budget and design requests, and it’s time to roll.  How your product gets done on time (or early!), on budget (or under!), and to your specs (or even greater!) is largely in the lap(top) of your project manager.

“The first thing the client and I do is agree on a set of stories for the developers and the design team to work on.  Depending on the client’s needs we start with wire frames and progress from there to design mock-ups to actual early builds of the application so they can see exactly what they will be getting in the finished product.  We use the agile development process so the customer gets to provide frequent feedback on their application as it comes together,” said Renee Phillips, who has served as Project Manager at Dallas-area based Semaphore Mobile since the company began in 2008.  “The client and I work together to achieve the reality of what the client envisioned for their application.”

From discovery, estimate and approval to the kickoff, build review, coding, iterative changes and testing through to final approval and delivery to App Store or Google Play, the Project Manager keeps the dots connected, the pages flowing, and stress levels at bay.

“I make sure each member of our team has what they need to complete the job on time and on budget,” said Phillips. “We’re constantly moving the development process forward and that’s why Semaphore’s model works and how we have delivered so many successful iPhone and Android apps to the stores.”

Project management allows for the monitoring and overseeing of project tasks whether the scope of your prospective mobile application is large or small. The reason why small organizations steer clear of project management due to budget constraints, Semaphore has found it a budget saver – an expense that actually supports the client wholly to their best interest, by keeping all on track, organized, and aware of the full process.

Management: a noun with the definition of “the act or manner of managing; handling, direction, or control.”  It’s your business, your money, your risk – at Semaphore Mobile, our management team assures your handling, and your direction, are always under control!

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Don’t hire an “APP”rentice – go with the business’ history maker


In business since before the opening of the App Store or Google Play – Semaphore Mobile has been there, done all of that!

It’s amazing that history can happen in less than a decade but that is exactly the case in the world of mobile applications!  In just eight years our abilities to connect, to learn, to shop and to …. to do just about anything have gone from home phones and computers – already evolving at a rapid rate, to the push of a button on a mobile phone or tablet no matter where, no matter when.

“Early in the day we created productivity tools – really the first concept of applications, apps, for   Blackberry, Nokia, and Palm before the app store was, and here we are,” said Eric Silverthorn, President and founder of Dallas-area based Semaphore Mobile which posted 12 products to the 2008 opening of the App Store.  In the last decade, Semaphore Mobile has developed nearly 400 iPhone products and close to 300 for Android operating systems.  “The business is completely different than 10 years ago, than five years ago, and it’s changing all the time.”

Apple’s growth has provided for app usage first on their iPhones and iPod touch utensils, and with introductions of the iPad and iPad Mini, Apple TV and Apple Watch – and their many upgrades, there are more than 2 million iOS applications with a collective more than 140 billion downloads.

Google’s Android OS operating system, provided for on many smartphone, tablets, touchscreen devices, Android TV, Android Auto, and Android Wear –  which debuted in 2007 now has more than 3.8 million apps published.

“The visually expectations are different, the capability of devices is so enhanced, and the features and functionality of mobile devices is an everyday development,” said Silverthorn.  “Because of our relationships with Apple and Google we are always kept abreast of new updates and options our team is always a step ahead.”

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“Putting the before the “app”le cart before the horse?       iPhone or Android – the order of the day


Android or iPhone  – iPhone or Android … which (should come) first – the chicken or the egg?

“It’s as simple as the fact that it’s less expensive to build an iPhone app, than one for Android, because with Android there are so many more formats.  With iPhone – that’s it and it’s one build and done,” said Eric Silverthorn, whose Dallas-based Semaphore Mobile, which has successfully developed almost 400 iPhone and nearly 300 Android apps since the company’s founding in 2008.  “When building for Android you have to create for many manufacturers and so the time for design, build, and all has to be considered.”

The answer to which format to produce first, if you are set on creating native applications to both platforms, lies within the purpose.  “There are different requirements based on the intent for the app and some will be met by iPhone – others have no choice but to hit the Android market, first, if not solely,” said Silverthorn.

Two for the price of one is not inherent as, while some of the development may be provided by a multi-platform allowance – the base, the operating system requirements, and the service provisions just don’t “talk to each other.”

In Semaphore Mobile’s experience, more clients come in first with requests for iPhone, strictly because most developers are iPhone users, and they want to build for what they are accustomed to.  About 75 percent of Semaphore’s clientele returns for an Android build and nearly 50 percent return for upgrades and/or additional professional services to be performed.

Mobile application development isn’t an all-or-nothing industry and, while one might think being all-in might mean a faster reward, throwing the “app”cart before the horse, just isn’t the way to go.

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APPlying Privacy Policy Notice – Apple Says Now’s the Time!

Privacy Policy Metadata Now Required for Apple Store Submissions

It’s time to link up for all apps beginning this week when posting privacy policies becomes a must-do for all apps, beyond the current existing requirement for those with subscriptions.  As of October 3, 2018, developers must provide a link – in the App Store Connect metadata field, as well as within the app in an “easily accessible manner.”

Apple promises users they are transparent in all data collection and in this season of social media, to understand just how “social” their information might be.

The requirement previously obliging developers to post privacy policies to apps that require a subscription now includes all, including those submitted for distribution on the App Store and through TestFlight external testing – those needing, and those not requiring, Internet connections.

“Important for app users to understand how their personal data is used – doesn’t change for the owner – just to identify if, what, and how any personal information gleaned is used,” says Eric Silverthorn, President of Dallas-area based Semaphore Mobile which has developed nearly 400 iPhone apps and close to 300 for Android.  The company’s lead team working together since they premiered a dozen products the day the App Store launched.

“This is really minor in terms of the building of an app ,” said Silverthorn, “not at all a significant time allotment – and if the client has the resources, it can of course be done in-house, rather than thru us.”

In addition to how data is retained and all deletion policies, users must also be informed on how they can request erasure of their data as well as withdraw any and all consents.  Posted policies must also share any data the app or service gathers, how that data is received, and how the data might be used. Any third party that the data is shared with must also provide that same protection.

Privacy not only a policy – but a push by Apple to have its customer base believing in their product, secure, literally, in understanding how and what might be culled and how it might be used.  For the developers, and the users – permission APPsolutely priority!

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