Updating and Upgrading Without Starting From Scratch? ReSkinning is APPsolutely the way to $ave in Development Costs.


With the seasons come the upgrades and updates, new formats and new models – how do you keep your product relevant, strong, ahead of your competition and in line for your users?  It’s easier than you thought – with the right team, experienced in reskinning, with an interest in your best interest – not only in the sale of a complete rebuild.

“We’re able to rebrand and change the look and functionality of an iPhone or Android piece, often using an original code base which reduces the cost for our clients,” said Eric Silverthorn, President of Dallas-area based Semaphore Mobile which has created close to 400 iPhone and nearly 300 Android operating system apps – then following with reskins for many.  “We have a number of clients we’ve worked with through the years who we’ve been able to keep updated, while not as significantly out of pocket as they might have been.  Keeping our clients happy means keeping our clients.”

“We’ve reskinned products for clients for whom we built the original product, and for many who have come to us for a second iteration – regardless, we’re able to help,” said Silverthorn, pointing to Walmart’s Soundcheck series as an example – Semaphore developing products featuring Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and others.  “We had millions of downloads that came from a baseline leading to success and in the Soundcheck chain, the customer had branding that was fresh and new without having to start from the bottom up.   Time and money saved.”

When Semaphore Mobile delivers an app it is then owned by the client.  If and when a need for reskin comes through, the team – all located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex – are ready to roll exchanging coding, art, and design allowing for new opportunities for the for monetizing, brand extension, and more – all to bring in a greater audience.

With upgrades and updates of the products we serve, so must the development of products for them.   Semaphore Mobile’s crew, and 10 years in the market, is ready to build for you.

To reach Semaphore Mobile, call 972.679.7165, email sales@semaphoremobile.com, or visit SemaphoreMobile.com


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