A Decade in the Market, Semaphore Mobile Building from the Start, Updating, and APPsolutely Upgrading the Industry

It’s a given now that there’s an “app for that,” with millions on the market, but a decade ago when the first products were introduced few were in the know.  Dallas-based Semaphore Mobile was there and on the board at the start with a well-known piece connecting shoppers to vendors, job seekers to employers and more. In the last 1o years thousands of companies have entered the market to produce and provide – Semaphore Mobile tops in the Metroplex with close to 400 iPhone and nearly 300 Android products completed.

“Mobile applications are much more complicated and the excitement of what we create, and how we can meet our clients’ needs grows with every app,” said Eric Silverthorn, Semaphore Mobile’s founder and president.  “Our team is intuitive, talented, and sharp and our clients expect, are receiving, tools that meet the market’s influx of new and upgraded phones, tablets, and accessories.  We’ve been building from the start, a dozen apps up the day the App Store opened, and we continue to thrive.”

There were 500 apps available on the App Store in its premiere summer, today that number is over two million, and for Android users there are nearly another four million but Semaphore’s production calendar stays busy with organic customers and those who come back for more.

“The constant iteration in the life of an app is something we work with all the time and we’re proud of the relationship we have with our customers, glad always to help their product remain cued,” said Silverthorn.

Semaphore’s products includes apps included those for health care, entertainment, E-commerce, browser applications, mobile network monitoring tools, points of interest GPS/triangulation location, GSM remote command, control of industrial equipment, and security software message encryption.

“At Semaphore Mobile, we’ve adjusted our business as tech has changed and as the needs of our clients has changed,” said Silverthorn.  “Our breath of experience allows our clients to believe in us and a decade later we are doing our best work.”

To reach Semaphore Mobile, call 972.679.7165, email sales@semaphoremobile.com, or visit SemaphoreMobile.com

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