It’s “APP”ropriate to ask questions of your developer!

True or false – You have an idea for an app – and of course it’s “easy,” it “doesn’t have to cost much,” and it’s “quick…”  True and false. True and false.  True and false.  Eric Silverthorn, President of the Dallas-area’s Semaphore Mobile, which has developed close to 400 iPhone Apps and nearly 300 Android operating system products, explains the must-asks when you are READY to buy in:

  1. What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is mine – who owns “my” app?    Code should be yours and yours alone once the process is complete, allowing you the ability to enhance, reskin, and have all the keys to the house under “lock.” If and when you choose to delve further into advancements for your application, there’s no searching for the initial developer.
  2. How do I get onto the App Store or Google Play?                                        Once an application is developed and delivered to the client, the posting for publication can be done by the developing team, or the owner of the product. The benefit to a team, Semaphore Mobile for instance, may be the history that the team has – if the app is a client’s early-on entry into the field. A development company that has a reputation – with a great number of successful pieces to the stores – is likely to have their postings cleared and mounted more promptly, with less review.
  3. What will it cost – and how will I pay you – to create my app?                  Tough question and there’s almost no “for sure” answer to the “how much” until a project is complete. Pricing can be quoted on a firm-fixed rate – a flat here-you-go fee that has the developer assuming the risk, if along the way the project is extended and more entailed – and therefore usually a higher rate to compensate for that, or on an hourly basis – which follows an order of assignments by the client – usually paid against a retainer – allowing both parties to see the project, and its expense – along the way.
  4. How involved will I be in the process from contract to post?                    The client should be as involved as possible as this is YOUR baby, YOUR product, YOUR dream. As the development team reaches arranged milestones, and testing is performed and cleared, you ought to be seeing the “what” is happening, the how it works, and prospective of when it will be done. While the client may not understand the language and the “how” of the application, what is delivered for review should come with an education allowing you to feel confident in the experience.

APPsolutely the way to research, ready, and roll your way to success!

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