APPreciating Tech Connects to Goodness; Semaphore Mobile hAPPy to Connect Community

Our phones, tablets, and watches are with us 24/7 and with that the opportunities to do good – to be good are as well.  While education and entertainment-related apps, and those for travel, business, health, social connections and professional productivity tools are the vast majority of how we spend our time, it is the handheld reminders and prospects that allow users of all ages to connect to lending support.

In the blink of an eye, you can be linked to make a charitable donation or register and participate in fund-raising sport or other activities, to finding volunteer opportunities or daily diaries of carrying out random acts of kindness and spreading smiles.

“There really is an ‘app for that,’ and ‘that,’ includes giving and doing for others,” said Eric Silverthorn, president of Dallas-area based Semaphore Mobile which has produced nearly 400 iPhone apps and close to 300 for Android users.  With its full team working in the DFW Metroplex, Semaphore Mobile looks forward to projects that make a difference.  “We’ve done projects large and small, those that build business, others that build businesses closer to their communities. With almost 10 years in the market there’s little we haven’t been approached about and we are always up for the challenge.”

Humanity, and reaching out – there’s definitely an APPreciation for community members to APPly support to those in need.  As the holiday season is almost upon us, realize how you and your company can build a stronger sense of community within, or to the broader public, by action-based events and programming, donations, or other creative realms, or how you as an APP user can spread your heart, and smiles.

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iPhone & Semaphore are Celebrating 10! Let Semaphore Mobile bring you and your clients up to date!

Semaphore Mobile and the Apple iPhone are turning 10 this year and a celebration of the future that is now is happening!

Your Momma may have taught you that looks aren’t everything – still true – but that you have a look is something and something big beginning this fall with Apple’s new iPhone X with Face ID and a 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio bringing every color to its truest value.   The enhanced cameras, wireless charging, a 5.8” screen that fills the body with little framing at all and no home button!  Apple is all in with cameras on the front and back making augmented reality absolute reality, animojies that bring your expressions and words to life.

Also new, and slightly less pricey, is the iPhone 8 and 8-plus – if anything Apple does can be considered “standard,” with better cameras and general upgrades to the 2016 models that include wireless charging, shiny glass backs, an A11 Bionic processor, two gigs of RAM, and they can shoot video in 4K.

“Watch” out for the newest wrist manager – Apple’s third edition, cellular version, allows the user to make calls while away from the phone and Apple TV 4K, with HDR and more are also on the way.  Sitting still – or surfing the seas – Apple goes ahead of the flow to make it possible for the user to stay ahead, taking one bite at a time.

Steve Jobs would be proud – he thought different, and wanted us all to do the same! Semaphore Mobile thinks different, we think ahead and ready, and we’re here to bring your new apps to the audience, and to update your already posted products to market too.

“We’re motivated and we’re excited at the introductions and our team is ready to design and create for the next generation of Apple greatness,” said Eric Silverthorn, president of Dallas-area based Semaphore Mobile.  “The business is absolutely different than when we both came on the scene but we’re strong and successful and thrilled to still be producing the best products for the market.”

Semaphore Mobile had 12 apps posted the day the APPle Store opened, and another almost 400 in the decade since – along with almost 300 Android apps. Semaphore Mobile, with its whole team and production in the DFW Metroplex, is ready to bring you to the newest future – the future which is here.

Welcome to double digits iPhone. Semaphore Mobile is honored to share a decade of excellence with you!

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Testing the Top of its Class; APPdev Semaphore Mobile Studies Up!


Almost a decade into the technology of mobile applications – as the public clicks, swipes, and types, the stakes are high for the millions of apps posted to the market and patience for products that misfire, is rare.

While the products that apps are built for have changed over the years – evolving constantly with updates and new forums and formats posting by the minute – so too have the ways for developers to test for those products and the learning curve – is but quick!

“When the Appstore opened, everything was tested manually – an easy trial as Apple’s product format is one background,” said Eric Silverthorn, President of Dallas-area based Semaphore Mobile – the area’s longest standing development house.  “Testing for Android presents an issue regarding manual testing because with so many device types, so many manufacturers, the many users have Android operating systems that are several years old. Android – not a one-stop test all.”

“Automated testing can be helpful however scripts have to be written correctly because errors likely create situations where developers are chasing bugs that don’t truly exist,” said Silverthorn, whose Semaphore Mobile posted 12 products to the 2008 opening of the App Store, and followed with Google almost immediately.  “Developers testing have to answer the question of ‘are problems in the code I have deployed a part of the app, or is the issue related to the test platform we are using.’”

With a 100 percent of the Semaphore Mobile development team in Dallas, the group is able to be on task, and on the money, for its clients.  Testing is done in-house and then with the client, before sending products to market.

For Semaphore Mobile, in its tenth year of developing for Apple and Android operating systems – with close to 400 iPhone apps and nearly 300 for Android – their design, and testing capabilities, put them at the top of the class.

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Don’t grAPPle with amateurs. Semaphore Mobile’s Experience matters!

How much will it cost? The first and most-oft asked question is “how much will my app cost.” There is no flat cost or flat rate – and the answer will always be it’s about the time spent on the project; the client’s time, the developers’ time, and the coming together  in the progression of the journey to close on publication.

Rates will also vary on the expertise and talents of the team you choose to develop your project – as in any industry there are those who will promise the world, but deliver the dungeon and others who are able to more realize your goals in practical form.

“There is no obvious path for any one of our clients but for almost 10 years we’ve been able to treat our clients well, to produce what they want, and to bring their products to market,” said Eric Silverthorn, President of Dallas-area based Semaphore Mobile – the area’s longest standing development house – which posted 12 products to the 2008 opening of the App Store and which has since created close to 400 iPhone and nearly 300 Android operating system apps.  “Many of our clients have returned for additional development enhancements, new products, and word of mouth has definitely been our best public relations model.”

Semaphore Mobile’s 100-percent locally based team, from the admin and project development manager to the lead developer and his team, are available to its customers.  Rather than hoping that you or your team on the other side of the world will be awake during working hours, you can be sure that this hometown, home team, will hit your timezone.

“About 20 percent of our customers have come to us as a second resource, their first ‘across the pond’ as they say,” said Silverthorn.  “It very rarely is cheaper, faster, or better when outsourcing development projects and we’re proud to have our team here in the Dallas area, available when our clients need to reach us.”

“There is no obvious and guaranteed path for app development and we have many clients who’ve come in looking for just one format – and decided to develop both,” said Silverthorn.  “We’ve had clients come in with a design drawn on a napkin – and others with incredibly mature plans – and we’re able to turn both versions of the dream into reality.”

Expertise? Semaphore Mobile’s development team has nearly 100 years worth of combined experience and the camaraderie and respect from all levels of the company is strong.

Using collaborative tools, the team stays connected to each other and its clients by using Join.Me, Basecamp, screenshare capabilities, frequent meetings and calls.  Again, that Semaphore Mobile is based in the central time zone, rarely are team members more than an hour or two off the clock of their clientele.

With communication truly the key to success, there can’t be enough opportunities to be sure the plan, and thereafter support, updates, and more are able to meet the clients’ needs.

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“App”roaching a decade of success –

Semaphore Mobile’s team has been producing since before the Apple & Google stores launch!

“Sure we can make that happen!”

That was the beginning of Semaphore Mobile’s foray into the App world – actually the beginning of bringing what was, to what is – using format and forum of what Semaphore’s talent had been building productivity tools – really the first concept of applications, apps, for Blackberry, Nokia, and Palm, to the greater public as iPhone and Android expanded the space that commerce had been using for years.

“We got a call from a marketing company to help build the first Craigslist app and, because we were the team experienced in Objective C, we had a leg up on the requirements of the App Store before it opened,” said Eric Silverthorn, President of Dallas-area based Semaphore Mobile – the area’s longest standing development house – which posted 12 products to the 2008 opening of the App Store and which has since created close to 400 iPhone and nearly 300 Android operating system apps.  “Three weeks later it was up and running with the debut and in the next year we did nearly 15 projects in the healthcare, entertainment, food, review apps, and more.”

As brands embraced the concept of mobile, as a magical brand extension, marketing with Semaphore broadened the possibilities.

“We’ve gone from the intro of mobile apps for people’s phones – to their tablets and watches and the skies are almost limitless,” said Silverthorn.  “Formatting is what it’s all about and we’re able to build whatever the client’s focus is.  While phones and tablets can be coded universally, watches don’t need page builders and desktops and laptops don’t need GPS.”

The APPetite for apps continues to grow and Semaphore’s local development team continues to expand to meet the desire industries-wide.  “There’s a generation who has grown up APP-ful who can’t remember a time without being entertained or ordering up, at the stroke of a swipe,” said Silverthorn.  “We’re proud of the work we’ve done and excited about what’s to come.”

“Sure we can make that happen!,” – starting its tenth year, making it happen is still Semaphore’s answer, still Semaphore’s commitment.

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Semaphore Mobile is Excited About APPle’s Sweet News – WWDC ’17

Apple is starting its tenth year of the App Store with an APPsolutely exciting slew of announcements made on Monday (6.5.17)  at its 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference and Semaphore Mobile is right on board.  With a dozen apps loaded to the App Store at its 2008 opening, and almost 400 since along with nearly 300 for Android operating systems, Semaphore has always met the need and kept up to speed. Continue reading “Semaphore Mobile is Excited About APPle’s Sweet News – WWDC ’17”

Why an APP? There is ALWAYS a Semaphore Mobile APP for that!

Since 2008 millions have found an “App for that,” and millions more have tried.  Eric Silverthorn and Semaphore Mobile stepped into the arena at the start, one of Dallas’ mobile app development forerunners, creating productivity tools before the word “app” came to be. Continue reading “Why an APP? There is ALWAYS a Semaphore Mobile APP for that!”

Don’t hire an “APP”rentice – go with Semaphore Mobile, the business’ history maker

In business since before the opening of the App Store or Google Play – Semaphore Mobile and Server Development Dallas has been there, done all of that!

It’s amazing that history can happen in less than a decade but that is exactly the case in the world of mobile applications!  In just eight years our abilities to connect, to learn, to shop and to …. to do just about anything have gone from home phones and computers – already evolving at a rapid rate, to the push of a button on a mobile phone or tablet no matter where, no matter when. Continue reading “Don’t hire an “APP”rentice – go with Semaphore Mobile, the business’ history maker”

Local is “APP”ealing. Why staying stateside is important!

20% of Semaphore’s clients say they are the answer;
second time around!

The tech world has long been subject to outsourcing – companies finding  resources around the world to fulfill opportunities for a seemingly lighter bottom line – seemingly that is – at least in the mobile application software arena, as the “you get what you pay for” adage rings true quite often.

Continue reading “Local is “APP”ealing. Why staying stateside is important!”

Whetting your APPetite – How a decade, and Semaphore Mobile, have changed the market!

In the last nine years, the concept of an app has grown from a “what’s that,” to millions of offerings on the App Store and for Android users via Google Play.  Thousands of companies, large and small – as well as many individuals – have created everything from games with dropping fruits and candies, to photo editing and a myriad of medical support products.  Continue reading “Whetting your APPetite – How a decade, and Semaphore Mobile, have changed the market!”